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J.P. Morgan

Tablet app design servicing sales and customer intelligence teams at J.P. Morgan.


J.P. Morgan Sales Analytics is an iPad app for sales managers, which gives them an ability to monitor their sales teams' performance, review sales metrics by region, as well as client-specific data. As a result, managers are able to extract valuable insight and make appropriate adjustments in their sales strategy.

Our Solution

Since data sources weren't readily available, the team wasn't able to display all of the date, and had to work in stages by delivering the most vital pieces of data fist, which would make the app useful to the managers. At the same time, flexibility had to be pre-designed into the interface to allow for integration of data in subsequent stages.

We provided compelling visual design, highlighting important data and visualizations. The design received high praise from sales managers (and received internal awards), who are finding the app intuitive and easy to use.

Services we provided

  • UX/UI design
  • Visual design
  • Visual language
  • Web design
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