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Robert Breedlove

Website design for a Bitcoin influencer, host of the "What is Money?" podcast.


Robert Breedlove is a freedom maximalist, ex-hedge fund manager, a philosopher and influencer in the Bitcoin space. To him, Bitcoin is fundamentally a humanitarian movement exposing the greatest con in human history: central banking.

As Robert was becoming recognized as one of the most influential Bitcoin thinkers of our time, he was looking to level up his personal brand accordingly. He didn’t have a personal website and wanted to create one that not only presented him to the world, but also showcased his personal philosophy, top podcasts, reading, and writing.

Our solution

To create a compelling website that embodied Robert Breedlove's persona and reflects his beliefs, we first conducted extensive research on his background, philosophy, and the Bitcoin space to understand the essence of his influence. Taking inspiration from the principles of freedom and decentralization, we envisioned a warm and minimalist design that emphasized clarity and simplicity, mirroring the transparency that Bitcoin advocates.

The color palette is dominated by orange, yellow and dark blue, symbolizing the preciousness of financial sovereignty and the vastness of the blockchain universe. The homepage prominently features a powerful quote from Robert, encapsulating his core message and purpose, while providing easy access to sections showcasing his top podcasts, recommended readings, and thought-provoking essays.

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