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Making Your App's Navigation Not Suck: A Few Key Principles

Making Your App's Navigation Not Suck: A Few Key Principles

Let's face it - navigating most apps feels about as intuitive as wandering through a corn maze blindfolded. Sure, you eventually reach the checkpoint, but only after ample frustration filled with dead ends, looping in circles, and questioning all life decisions that led to this point.

After countless hours crafting marvelous digital products here at Nemomakes, our squad has extracted a few vital principles to stop your app's navigation from devolving into a hot mess:

1. Coherent Information Flows

Your screens shouldn't feel slapped together like a ransom note. Craft intentional interaction sequences that logically unfold key tasks and workflows. It’s called information architecture not information anarchy.

2. Intuitive Hierarchy

Some paths serve your core use cases while others are just occasional detours. Design primary routes users expect to find immediately without hunting, and tuck secondary utilities in places that make contextual sense.

3. Subtle Wayfinding Cues

Breadcrumbs, icons, animations — subtle UX candy can go a long way toward orienting users within complex applications. Just don’t go overboard on cues as most users aren’t hiking the Appalachian Trail.

4. Consistency

If you constantly change navigation patterns, your app will drive people mad faster than a supermarket rearranging its aisles weekly. Stick to established structures and aim for dependable experiences.

What other key principles help cut through navigation design snarls? How do you maintain order amidst feature sprawl? Take this wisdom to heart before unleashing another maze-like experience upon the world.

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